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Hubby to me, "Papa" to three. Best son, brother, and friend you'll ever have. Caleb is the the one at the helm. Reserved when you first meet him, but he will have you laughing when that quickly wears off. Caleb is a gifted "resource manager" - always the master of figuring out the most cost effective way of accomplishing a project well. He is a Captain in the Texas Army National Guard. He loves to run, fish, mountain bike, and recite the constitution any chance he gets. ;) He also builds beautiful things while rapping his latest love note to me! Uh...can you say KEEPER! 



The hills are alive in Texas where I am thrilled to live! LAUREL farms is such a fun creative outlet for me. Thanks for stopping by and watching our adventure!


Elaina: Joy

Our "bright fire" 4.5 year old! Brave, adventurous, extroverted, captivating, spitfire! Watch. Out. World! Elaina is coming for ya! 


Claire: Truth

I have never seen a child so compel you to seeing the truth of a situation. Intense truth paired with an intense sweetness. In the words of her Auntie D. "Whoa!". We just wouldn't be the same without her. 


Easton: Grace

Mr. Breath of fresh air, Mr. Smiley. Our sweet surprise baby has brought a lot of grace into our lives. He's thus far a carbon copy of his Papa. Pretty sure he's going to be our deep thinker/genius baby. Sweet, snuggly, and a real doll baby!