L A U R E L farms


Leveling with you

Is living in an RV difficult? On day 153 into our adventure, I can honestly say that it is still peaceful! There are certainly challenges which I will comically share on Instagram/FB, but overall - it has been pretty wonderful to have a break from the responsibility of cleaning a large house, the yard maintenance...many other things that just push you over the edge when you're in this stage of life with 3 little people underfoot. Many of the challenges that we had with our kids in our house {like bedtime} are still present - some things are just specific to the kid regardless of where they call home.

 We thought we would be pulling the RV from place to place having fun, but the reality is - that's harder than it sounds when you still have to go to work and live a normal day-to-day life. One of those romantic ideas that just isn't practical. So we parked it next to my sweet sister's house and are enjoying being near them while we wait for the electric, well, and septic to be completed on our property right up the road. Having access to their washer/dryer, large oven, and swimming pool over the hot summer has definitely been amazing. Not to mention...they are some of our dearest friends! Our RV experience thus far has definitely provided us the extra time to snuggle the babies, I actually sit down and enjoy playing legos or working on art with the kids because I have the extra time, Caleb has gotten 3 post work naps in this month which is huge for him to actually feel free to relax! Its allowed us to clear our land, move our things out of storage...I even get my hair completely brushed out once a week! Lord knows that hasn't happened since college! #longhairproblems #myhubbywouldcryifIcutit #pixicutcoming2017 ;-D 

Stay tuned! There's much, MUCH more to come!

Kate Marr