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You're doing WHAT?!

My heart was actively planning a grand hiking trip through the PCT (Pacific Crest Trail) when I realized I was pregnant. I was calculating the costs, who could watch my kids, I was laying the ground work with the hubby (husbands are like a good steak...just need a bit of marinating when it comes to crazy ideas). Truth is: our sweet boy was a surprise baby and I was desperate for an adventure. We sure wanted 3 kids, but we had JUST decided to wait a little longer since our daughters were only 20 months apart; the eldest child's name means "Bright Fire",  and the 2nd born had been actively trying to kill us for many sleepless months in a row. I had also been watching several other little kids as well and was just totally submersed in stay-at-home-mom land with no end in sight. Then it was "surprise!". I'm so grateful for Easton. I would have been waiting forever for the "right time" to have a 3rd. It never would have come!

As happy as we were, it was still a startling blow. I felt like my chance at a momentary break from the diapers, the tantrums, the sleepless nights, the chance at fresh air and a great hike went on its adventure without me. This is one of the things I love most about the Lord...even in the midst of our perfect plans being disrupted, our disappointment, He's often already put into motion something better.

You're doing WHAT?! This was a reaction on repeat from a majority of people who we told we were going to sell our home in Cedar Park and move into an RV with our 4, 2, and 3 month old baby while we looked for land to build a house on. Thankfully, both sides of our family are awesomely adventurous and were nothing but encouraging! It's a huge win when you hear a resounding "YES!" across the board from the people you value most. Caleb and I knew within the first month of seeing each other since childhood that we were going to get married (I honestly knew the first night I saw him - serves me right for laughing at/judging people who believed in love at first sight) and our family didn't blink an eye when we told them. They either really trust us when we tell them our wild plans or think we're so crazy we can't be stopped...who knows! ;-P

I think the shock from people was more about the "Why an RV and not a rental house or an apartment?". Renting just wasn't a very palatable option for either of us. The rental market in the area was/is a bit crazed, our kids are in the drawing on walls stage (goodbye security deposit), not to mention the cost of renting felt like flushing money down the toilet. But we also didn't want to be pressured into the wrong purchase by needing to put a roof over our heads...hence our logic behind the RV. We {I} originally wanted to build a tiny house on wheels that we could later turn into a little rental house/guest room once we didn't need it any longer, Caleb was up for it but there just wasn't time once we decided to pull the trigger and sell our house {which sold in the first weekend! Best. Real Estate. Team. EVER! @BabinRealty Danielle & Lawrence Babin}. Caleb and I saw more of a value in buying something like an RV seeing as it would provide us the space to be on location and build and then we could turn around and sell it once we were done. 

Check out "Leveling with you" for a small taste of life in our RV - Keep following along and I will devote a whole post to a more detailed look later! 




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