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Into the Laurels


Into the Laurels

Hello and thanks for stopping by! I'm Kate, my hubby is Caleb. We are best friends with 3 kids who follow Jesus and believe we are called to IN-courage and equip believers on the earth in their walk with the Lord through Truth, JOY, and Comfort! Our heart is to communicate in a way that is authentic; not crude or revealing, but vulnerable and real.

We have recently dived head first into the adventure of buying a piece of property that we have lovingly named Laurel Farms, located in Marble Falls, TX. We will be building a home while living in an RV {we didn't quite have enough time to build a tiny house}. Follow along and I will do my best to keep you laughing! I look forward to sharing our experiences with you. We hope that you can take the information we provide and be empowered in whatever it is you are called to and dreaming about!

I promise that you'll leave our blog encouraged, laughing, and very likely...better informed about what NOT to do as it relates to all we share. You'll see a bit of everything: the cost break-down of land development and building, beekeeping, our passion for living a debt free life, how we make a small RV work with 3 little kids as we build, our parenting struggles and wins, a few recipes, some interior design...I'm sure there will also be a few farm animals, and deep thoughts about the gospel as well. It's going to be fun!





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2016-10-27 14.30.09.png